What Is Patient Centered Care?

What Is Patient Centered Care?

Is this just a “buzz word”? Not for us. We take this approach very seriously, which is why a small, niche practice was thoughtfully designed.

1. All team members at our clinic are considered caregivers. Under this principle, our entire staff is part of our patients' care experience. Regardless of one's role, each person is expected to put the patient first. To create a patient-centered culture, we recognize employees through thank you notes and awards for demonstrating patient-centered care principles. 

2. Care is based on continuous healing relationships. This principle reinforces a focus on the continuum of care for patients rather than episodes of care. We're here to not only provide care, but also to provide healing — a more personal level of healthcare.

3. Care is customized and reflects patient needs, values and choices. The principle of customizing care recognizes that each patient is different and may have different needs and preferences. We work to make the environment comfortable to individual patients. For example, one patient may want music in the room, where another patient may not. It allows the patient's individuality to be a component of care.

4. Families and friends of the patient are considered an essential part of the care team.  Family and friends are essential supports for the patient's healing process.  Not only emotionally, but also physically, as they can help patients understand physicians' instructions. Patients may be in a state of discomfort, pain or fear, and don't always hear information, so it allows a trusted family member or friend identified by the patient to participate in the sharing of information and guidance we give before sending patients home or to the next level of care.

5. Patient safety is a visible priority. Making patient safety a visible priority is key. We require employee immunization, hand hygiene and proper sterility technique.

6. Transparency is the rule in the care of the patient. This principle recognizes that true patient-centered care requires transparency between us and patients. Being upfront and honest with information, so patients can make informed decisions, is just one way we demonstrate this goal. Another is ensuring all financial obligations are clear and easy to understand.

To emphasize the importance of these principles. We provide numerous sources of information and the latest technological updates in our field via web presence, social media communication, in-office instructions and one-on-one time in the office. Suggestions to improve our patient experience is always welcomed and we are grateful for our repeat patients and referrals to friends and family.

Laura Lendermon, MD

Stem Cell Therapy- Regenerative Medicine is an exciting and revolutionary field of orthopedics involving biological therapies that help your body heal itself. Stem Cell Center of Collierville @ Lendermon Sports Medicine was the 1st practice in the Memphis market to offer in-office, autologous stem cell treatments. Our experience with over 500 patients to date has resulted in a high success rate in healing bone, muscle, joints, soft tissue and nerve injuries.